My laptop got sick on Sunday and won't be home from the computer-hospital until Saturday. Anyways, with the lack of computer in my life (I'm on my parent's right now), I am experiencing much more free time. I just began reading The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Murakami, which is incredible so far. Tomorrow Alex is lending me Hey Nostradamus by Douglas Coupland and on Friday Henry is lending me Watchmen! So I have tons of time for books and photography. And speaking of my favorite pastime, I have new photos!


  1. Watchmen is such a great read.. really shows you how deep a graphic novel can be. Touching on current affairs/injustices in the world. Have fun with that one!

    ps - awesome pictures too.

  2. I like these photos very much!:)

  3. i love douglas coupland books.
    i've only read jpod, the gum thief, life after god, and girlfriend in a coma (actually that's quite a few) but they've all been really good.
    especially the gum thief and girlfriend in a coma.
    right now i'm readin waiter rant by steve dublanica, and it's very insightful into the world of restaurant waiters. never again will i tip less than 20%.
    it's written by the guy who writes the blog www.waiterrant.net, and when he put out a book containing, well, waiter rants, it was an instant new york times bestseller.
    my favourite books ever have to be go ask alice, feeling sorry for celia, aaaand ... yeah many many more but i won't start, otherwise i'll NEVER end.
    okay, book rambling over.
    i love that first photograph, it's beautifully haunting, somehow.


  4. thanks everyone :)

    james: i've always wanted to get into graphic novels, i just never have. but i uh, was a huge archie fan in elementary school! :P

    jessica: i haven't read much coupland, but my friends are totally insane over him. i ADORE souvenir of canada. the CBC program was really touching at points. anyway, i'm also really fond of that photo. the reflection is perfect, and imagine! how did i manage to catch that perfect ripple?

  5. brilliant shots! and goodluck with the computer doctor : )

  6. i hate douglas coupland.
    i read jpod in one night and i can honestly say it did nothing for me. i put it down thinking "that was an okay book, except it really wasn't."

    watchmen though. <3

  7. lee jones: thanks!

    ju: you cannot hate someone you've never met
    and i guess it's just canadian humo[u]r.