riding home from richmond in the car with my family, blasting the b-52's and singing along. Dad is soprano, I am falsetto and mom is hilariously off-key... Singing Wild Thing by The Kinks while uncle Peter plays the guitar and Carlo and Nicolai dance and stomp like Tom Connors, massaging my tired biceps after holding a sleeping Nico for two hours at the tennis club, while christening my new blouse with baby slobber, lint rolling my peacoat on the pantry door while tons of bodies are scurrying around looking for purses, jackets and cameras, trying not to giggle while the priest mispronounces my grandma's name over and over, trying not to giggle when the discarded match dish gets lit aflame! Transferring suitcases, sandwiches and orchids from car to car, confusing cousin Braxton with the whereabouts of the jones sodas, letting cousin Alex know my mother wants another shot of sour apple vodka, helping mom drain her lymphatic tube into aunt Christie's toilet only to find it isn't working, driving past Hycroft Manor and imagining I'll once be married there, helping mom put her earrings in and trying over and over to close the clasp on her bracelet, heart to hearts with Brendan, eating 439583409 mini smoked salmon sandwiches and not regretting it, hugging and consoling a drunk aunt Deborah...

Family togetherness overall.