Which Type of Music Should You Listen To?

You should listen to Classical Music. You are sophisticated, intellectual, and complex--not to mention a bit snobby sometimes. Not everyone understands you, but hey, you know you're better than them.
You should listen to Gangsta Rap. You have a gruff, tough outer shell, and could use a little more sensitivity on occasion. But you must be doing something right, because you are cool, trendy, and a hit with your fans!
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Haha, great huh? Very true though.



What a weird Friday. The boy I used to like so much decided to fuck around with my head... Again. His and hers donairs, holding doors open for me, paying for my food, glow bowling, sharing secret looks... Out of the ordinary is an understatement. It felt so much like a date, I didn't know if I wanted to go 'Yippee!' or if I wanted to go home and cry.

Today dad and I made our gingerbread house. It was so cute.



I miss the freedom and recklessness of summer. A new school year was fun until people settled in, and now we are just left with boring classes, the usual health threats and the crave for the next year to come. What a forlorn cycle, it always dissapoints those who are hopeful (like myself, sadly.) So until the repetitive high school years pass on I plan on searching for neat people to share with and things to occupy my time with.



I feel empty. The daily routine is getting insistent, I am feeling smaller and smaller. I almost feel as if a personality change is in order. I want to become equivocal, unconventional, a little flighty even. I know stable friends will be out, but since when were they really 'in'? A larger vocabulary will be put in use, I'd prefer to not use slang anymore. I am bored with myself! Hilarious. This seems to happen at least once a year. I suppose it's healthy, or I would like to think it is. Maybe it is true, what some people have said, about me 'always having to be different.' If so, I don't really mind. At least I have determination.



By Robert and Shana Parkeharrison.

It wasn't until I reached my front door that I realized I had forgotten my keys at home and was locked out. So with the 30 minutes I had until my mother got home to let me in, I looked around the front yard. Found many snails, slugs and anthills... Realized that our jack o'lanterns (Yes, we haven't composted them yet...) are housing mosquitoe colonies (or tribes, whatever) I don't even see why they are even alive right now, it has been so cold these nights! Somehow the little buggers are still thriving... Unlike the plants. They are all dead or wilting, covered by a a great big layer of maple leaves in red and orange. It's pretty and humbling.