yo. don't know if anyone is here.

but if you're interested:
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oh, and i've made some shitty stop motions:


i don't really want to blog anymore.
see you in magazines. (eventually.)

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days are horribly consistent

someone needs to turn my world upside down
(for the better, preferably)

if the day came when i felt a natural emotion
i'd get such a shock i'd probably jump in the ocean
and when a train goes by, it's such a sad sound
no... it's such a sad thing.
and when i'm lying in my bed
i think about life and i think about death
and neither one particularly appeals to me!


Stills from Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous Stains! (1982)

Exciting news:
I leave for Europe in five weeks
I make my first prints tomorrow!


Emily with wonderbread sandwich
Homegrown rosemary drying in my kitchen window
Emily's hands

Sorry for the moderate hiatus. Bear with me. I just began a new semester and I'm in a process of settling in.

I may (almost certainly) be moving to a new house. Two blocks away. I'm nabbing all my family's vinyl and keeping it. The record player goes in my room in the new house. (Hopefully.) Mwahahaha. Dying for summer. C'est la vie.


These are all old and shitty, please excuse me!!!
1st + 3rd: Kodak 800 underwater disposable, in Mexico
2nd: Pentax K1000 with expired Kodak Max 400, in Seattle

Recent snaps promised to be up by the end of the week along with an explanation as to why my photography will not be very great for the next month and a bit but also a psuedo-surprise as to why it's gonna rule come late March. Okay? Okay. Stay tuned.

And again, thank you EVERYONE for all the lovely comments.

Don't Think Twice, It's All Right - Bob Dylan
Everything ever recorded by Nick Drake
Young Lust - Pink Floyd
We'll Die - Thanksgiving
Song - Thanksgiving
Avalanche - Leonard Cohen
Ce Mortel L'ennui - Serge Gainsbourg
Scenic Railway - Serge Gainsbourg
Elaeudanla Téïtéïa - Serge Gainsbourg


David and Tanya
My great grandmother and my dream man

Next week are my provincial examinations!
Study study study!

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I got tagged by Alice to post the fourth photo in the fourth folder of My Pictures:
My Pictures > "kehehahahahehe" > Photo51.jpg
Explanation: This is the product of me being bored at a relative's house with their massive Macintosh computer.


The hallway on the top floor of my house, it's so creepy
The back of Tanya's head, taken in science class
Homegrown rosemary drying in my kitchen window
Saturday morning with Juliet, my mother and I

My first shot at B&W! I'm pleased.

Pentax K1000
Takumar-A 28-80mm
Kodak BW400CN
Vivitar Auto Thyristor 550FD (1st photo)

And speaking of grayscale, here's my favourite scene from Godard's Bande à part:


My hair was wild from the rain so I took a self-portrait in my parent's bathroom mirror
This is a photo of me as a baby that is in my parent's bathroom
This is what I had to do to capture the photo of the photo of me, I need a pedicure

These photos were taken with:
Pentax K1000 SLR camera
SMC-Pentax 50mm lens
Kodak 100 film

I'm on a Godard binge.
I love torrents and seeders and leechers and all things that make torrents possible.

Exciting photo-prospects:
My photography course at Arts Umbrella begins on February 1st
I'm going to Spain, France and Holland in March with lots of friends
I'm roadtripping to Wyoming/Utah/Montana this summer


Lauren came over to get ready for new year's eve and we looked at my slides from Mexico
I'm going to need to break out the tripod or flash to capture water the way I want to
My mom and I traded our Docs for one anothers, hers have rainbow lacing and are well broken-in

I've been listening to the ANNA (1967) soundtrack nonstop ever since watching the movie. Serge Gainsbourg never does wrong and Anna Karina's voice is fun and cute. Tomorrow is the end of the week (!!!) and I plan on taking my flash out on the weekend and documenting the night's events.

Also, I'd like to thank Lee at The Fashion Press for featuring me on her site! The interview was fun.


As requested, this is a post of introduction to myself. My name is Severn. I'm a fifteen year old high school sophmore. I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I'm obsessed with typology. (Carl Jung is my homeboy, and I'm an INTP... which is basically a completely oblivious, socially-inept genius. Although I wouldn't say "genius" describes me truthfully.) I dabble in photography (hence the blog), writing (I'm considering going to Ryerson for journalism), and overusing brackets (ha ha ha). For fun, I translate French songs into English and vice a versa. Morrissey's "Come Back to Camden" was a bitch to translate.

I'm also horrible at writing about myself. Honestly, I googled "how to write about one's self" before I began this post. It wasn't a useful or fruitful search, so I suppose I'm left to my own defences. I like a tonne of different kinds of music, despite how picky I am. My favourite musicians are Serge Gainsbourg, The Smiths, Joy Division, The Radio Dept, Grizzly Bear, Beach House, Leonard Cohen, Nick Drake, Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan, New Order and lots of French ye-ye pop.

As far as movies go, I like films by Harmony Korine, Wes Anderson, Hitchcock, Kubrick, Sofia Coppola and David Lynch.
My favourite photographers are included in my Link list, if you care to know.

Literature. I love Haruki Murakami, Ayn Rand, Philip K Dick, George Orwell, and Jack Kerouac.

I keep this blog because I like having a blog to share and network. Whatever blogs are for, exactly.
Thanks for reading! Here are some old photos, expect ones snapped with my new flash sometime next week:
The floor of the pharmacy where I get my photos developed. Last exposure before processing!
Walking to work I saw this tree. I'm a Night School office assistant for my school district.
In the upper Massey wing girl's washroom at my school. I laugh so much whenever I look at this.


Since I have managed to round up a somewhat regular group of readers, tell me, what would you like to see? More photos? Some text? More about me? Text paired with photos, explaining the scenes in which they depict?

Hope you all have a nice year.