I have developed no photos since my last post and therefore, have nothing to show you, unless I feel like digging up something old. Which I might, but let me write first.

I have come to terms with the fact that I am not in the slightest bit punctual.
I am only punctual when I need be, like when writing persuasive essays which my English 10 teacher praises and praises like he just discovered God and inhales and consumes as if his life is dependent on reading my horrible, generic persuasive essays which honestly bore the me to tears but I don't mind them much because they are going to get me an A in English 10.(Whereas that run-on sentence will not get me an A in English 10.)

But besides trying to have a somewhat-intelligent conversation with someone I like but making no sense whatsoever (although it is crystal clear in my own mind), I think I'll be okay. Speaking and conversing have never been my strong points.(Ha-ha-ha, points! Punctual? Get it?)

I'm also not very funny.

But I can take a semi-decent photo. Which, thankfully, is what I'm aiming for.


  1. You fill me with envy, your photos are amazing! they look natural but the colours are so intense! i love taking photos to. i'm sure you're more interesting then you think ;P

  2. p.s
    the photos of the leaves, was that real or set up, it's just really lovely. do you mind if i ask what camera you used?

  3. thank you very much! the photo of the leaves is "real", it's a shot of my driveway from my front porch. and i use a pentax k1000.

  4. rosé: thanks again. i'm lovin' those eyebrows you've been sporting.

    ryan manning: i wouldn't like to think so.

  5. hey there- ah I know that thing about english essays- I was always worried to death when I had to hand out one because I never thought I had put enough effort into it. then getting it back with an A and some praising words was nice.

    nice as well your words on my blog but sorry, I actually do not know where the pictures is from or who it´s by, I just stored it on the computer and forgot about it.

  6. i absolutely love your photography!
    wanna link up?

  7. love the scattered leaves.
    oh & i'm not sure who the photographers were in either case, i just snatched the pictures up from xanga, so no credit was given.

    i'm also thinking my friends owe it to me to help paint my room. i'm thinking maybe off-white, because right now it's bright red so i'm not looking for anything any darker. blush pink could be cute too though, if properly accesorized.

    we'll see.


  8. isa: darn, lovely choice of photos anyways!

    lee jones: thanks! and sure.

    zoe: thanks again, and i'm sure whatever colour you choose, your room will look great.