i don't really want to blog anymore.
see you in magazines. (eventually.)

catch me on flickr:


days are horribly consistent

someone needs to turn my world upside down
(for the better, preferably)

if the day came when i felt a natural emotion
i'd get such a shock i'd probably jump in the ocean
and when a train goes by, it's such a sad sound
no... it's such a sad thing.
and when i'm lying in my bed
i think about life and i think about death
and neither one particularly appeals to me!


Stills from Ladies and Gentlemen, the fabulous Stains! (1982)

Exciting news:
I leave for Europe in five weeks
I make my first prints tomorrow!


Emily with wonderbread sandwich
Homegrown rosemary drying in my kitchen window
Emily's hands

Sorry for the moderate hiatus. Bear with me. I just began a new semester and I'm in a process of settling in.

I may (almost certainly) be moving to a new house. Two blocks away. I'm nabbing all my family's vinyl and keeping it. The record player goes in my room in the new house. (Hopefully.) Mwahahaha. Dying for summer. C'est la vie.