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Anyways, I was tagged by Eira to post six unimportant things that I love:
1. The voice of Stuart McLean
2. 18-39 by Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin
3. The smell of slide film
4. Watching boats on the river float by through my window as I try to sleep
5. My duvet
6. Listening to CBC talk radio


Merry Christmas, everyone.
I'm leaving for Mexico tomorrow!
Be back on the 27th.


I've walked on water, run through fire, can't seem to feel it anymore.

Some things last a long time.



I'm working on a roll, filling it up with holiday bokehs and cobwebs and new things. Stay tuned.
Also! I am going to Mexico for Christmas and I'm bringing a roll of Fujichrome Sensia 100, so come the new year, I'll have lots of contrasty, tropical goodness for you to consider.

I'll upload photos sometime before the 19th.