1. That neat black hole machine in Switzerland
2. Iced tea powder and seltzer water, not so good
3. Stephen Harper is an absolute fool, I truly hate him
4. Stephane Dion is soooo sweet. Like a puppy. I wanna pet him.
5. This Green party-not-being-allowed-to-debate debacle is absolutely ridonk. Please refer to number three.
6. The teriyaki chicken rice bowl recipe at White Spot has not changed since the last time I ordered it. (Yes, it's just has naaasty as before.)
7. Planning 10 almost brought me to tears today
8. My South African art teacher calls me by "The Number Eight"
9. A little bird flu can go a long way.
10. "If you were a vegetable, which kind of vegetable would you be?"
11. Ten sounds like a good number to end a list at.


  1. why does number 10 sound so familiar.?
    also, next time lets get minidons instead of white spot nastyness (and that hasn't convinced me further to go to white spot btw.! haha)

  2. It was a question Stephen Harper was asked during a press thing.
    "I would imagine myself as a fruit, more so than a vegetable..."