Since I have managed to round up a somewhat regular group of readers, tell me, what would you like to see? More photos? Some text? More about me? Text paired with photos, explaining the scenes in which they depict?

Hope you all have a nice year.


  1. Text with photos! :)
    Btw, how do you get the little comment thing to be on your page and not load a new page?
    Did I explain that well?

  2. Oh, I love the two in the middle, they tell a story of their own.

    And I really like your blog, and your photos. I'd like even more photos, but also some text. It's interesting to get to know the person behind the art, and in that way get to see the photos from yet another point of view :) Personally I prefer to let the photos tell a story of their own, I don't think they need any explaination :)

  3. More photos! And perhaps some excplaining text, and more about you.

  4. oh, thank you very much!
    no i don't mind at all (:
    it's very much appreciated ^^

  5. I love the photos!
    keep posting photographs (:
    hmm.. it'd be nice to know a bit more about yourself and maybe how you came about taking the photos you display.

    oh, and I'm so glad my 'advice' has helped you. I really do hope it all works out (:

  6. More photos! Some text! More about you! ;D

  7. the grave yard photos are really cool

    anyway, i love you photos keep posting them : )

  8. photos and maybe a short blurb about what inspired you to shoot that picture as well as technical info (film, aperture, iso, etc) for us geeks.

  9. these photos are fucking sick .

    & keep doing what you're doing, you're awesome.


  10. Oh uno mas quiero lmao (sorry I just thought that in my head lol).
    Anyways 1 question, how did you get so many readers anyways?

  11. i love your style, and i really enjoy your blog

  12. 'less is more' doesn't do it for me:)

    more of everything!