My hair was wild from the rain so I took a self-portrait in my parent's bathroom mirror
This is a photo of me as a baby that is in my parent's bathroom
This is what I had to do to capture the photo of the photo of me, I need a pedicure

These photos were taken with:
Pentax K1000 SLR camera
SMC-Pentax 50mm lens
Kodak 100 film

I'm on a Godard binge.
I love torrents and seeders and leechers and all things that make torrents possible.

Exciting photo-prospects:
My photography course at Arts Umbrella begins on February 1st
I'm going to Spain, France and Holland in March with lots of friends
I'm roadtripping to Wyoming/Utah/Montana this summer


  1. thank you so much! are i love these photos, you're adorable when you were little and i love the self portrait. so so gorgeous.

  2. i love these. i'm never disappointed when i come to your blog.

    I'm back by the way! I think. Dominican gave me a little inspiration boost, I'll be posting every day. at least I'll try.

    oh, and did you apply to ryerson yet? what did you apply for? arts and contemporary studies i hope.

  3. 10th grade, really? You seem much more mature than that, it comes off in your photography. And hopefully you'll consider it, it was my first choice after all so I'm aching to get in.

  4. the road trips sounds like lots of fun! great photos, as always

  5. looks like a sauna

    slaughterhouse might be fun too, think about it ;)

  6. nice pictures! i believe i have the same pentax as you do, though i've barely taken any pictures with it yet. is it a nice camera? looking at your pictures, i would say yes.

    about your trip:
    i'm not sure if i would recommend coming to holland, haha. i live there and it's awfully boring here. and ugly as well, come to think about it. although, if you're staying in amsterdam, it's not too bad.

    can you tell me, where you are staying?
    i'm quite curious!


  7. thank you! my other choices are dundas valley, an art school in a small town near my home, ocad in toronto, university of toronto, brock and the university of ottawa. you should think about applying to somewhere in toronto. it's awesome down here.

  8. i LOVE your blog, where do you get a pentax like yours? have run roadtripping!


  9. wow gorgeous .
    although they usually all are .


  10. wow, good luck on your course!
    i so need a new camera, but i have no idea where to start looking for a good dslr :/

  11. i relly like youre style of shooting!

  12. love the first photo, really like that you're using film. Film is absolutely the best, have you tried KodakChrome or Fuji Velvia? They give such vibrant colours, you really must try! :D Also what you need may be a tripod/bf/slave photographer like all us fashion bloggers!

  13. thankyou:)

    you have a lovely camera!