My science teacher gave me five rolls of expired film today. As a gift, or something. His name is Sheldon and he was born in Port Alberni. His sons are really cute. I bought a skylight filter yesterday. I'd like to use it, but the Vancouver autumn weather is so dreary!
I'm working on developing more photos soon!

Some old pics (I want to get into in-the-moment portraits again) :


  1. i love that tshirt in ze second picture
    where´s it from?
    i like ur blog. quite cool.
    nice pictures , I really liked the one u took in the airplane <3. verii niice
    shall we trade liinks?

  2. i've said it before and i'll say it again, i love your pictures.

    also, i'm definitely going to make it a priority to check out the walrus asap. scratch that, i'll do it right now while this comment box is still open.

    just gimme a sec ...

    okay done. is it kind of similar to maclean's ? the articles all seem really diverse (which is good, because i'd stay informed on various subjects). you're right though, the writing is good. do you have a subscription, or do you just pick it up on newsstands every now & then ?


  3. Into-the-moment portrait can be so lovely. I really like these.

  4. sick: it is kind of like maclean's. but less canadian in a hokey way. this month's issue has this short essay called "a liar's life", a memoir written by a complusive liar. i laughed out loud (LOL'd, if you will) when i read it.
    but yes, i have a subscription. my dad got it for himself but never read it, so they are all mine now!

    lleander: i agree. and thank you! good news, i have a roll full of portraits to develop, so i'll be posting some soon!


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