I just bought a Pentax K1000 with a SMC Pentax-A 50mm 1:2 lens off of eBay. I'm totally psyched. My dad learned with this camera when he was a student and I now know what camera he used to take all the great photos he took in school! It's fully manual and I cannot wait to take some photos when it arrives.

In February, my classes at Arts Umbrella start. I'm awfully excited for the course I'm taking, it's just a shame my own school doesn't offer an elective like it. Oh well! Now I don't have to worry. Mmm... darkroom chemicals... I can smell the fumes now! The course is called Photography: Projects and Portfolio. The course focuses on b&w, something I have not ventured into as of yet. (But can you blame me? I only bought my first film compact in August!) Anyways, I'm sure it'll be a total blast that I'll learn a lot from.

My four disposables are done and my Konica is almost there. I fear the price of developing and printing them all.

School tomorrow. Woo.
I better go... get rest... or something.

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