I have been living very simply the past week, it is making me happy. I am happy that I have been getting by in sweats and sweaters all week. (I even wore my pyjamas to the grocery store! Fashion faux pas!) My hair is up in an everlasting high pony, bangs out of the way with bobby pins. Makeupless. I've watched countless movies on the movie channels and I get cutely cranky when nothing entertaining is on. I am happy that I can say I have better things to do than go out with the usual crowd and watch shallow boys play video games. Snnnore.

Au revoir, with my last two days of candor and contentment I plan go with the ebb and flow. Easy and free.


  1. oh your so lucky! my week's been school, school, school...

  2. haha! hopefully you have spring break like we do...

  3. i've actually had the exsact same week except i think i was far more lazy/greasy/grumpy movie week. except oh my god you wore you pajama's to the store???? im suprised and appalled severn. i thought i would never see the day. haha.