I feel empty. The daily routine is getting insistent, I am feeling smaller and smaller. I almost feel as if a personality change is in order. I want to become equivocal, unconventional, a little flighty even. I know stable friends will be out, but since when were they really 'in'? A larger vocabulary will be put in use, I'd prefer to not use slang anymore. I am bored with myself! Hilarious. This seems to happen at least once a year. I suppose it's healthy, or I would like to think it is. Maybe it is true, what some people have said, about me 'always having to be different.' If so, I don't really mind. At least I have determination.

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  1. Boy, do I need change as well.

    I feel like I've become someone I hate. It's unbearable.

    We need a way out.

    I want to do the movie fest sooon.
    SOON as in... Before new years.